Dhondup Wangchen Campaign: "Unchain The Truth"

In October the Filming for Tibet team successfully launched a new phase of the Free Dhondup Wangchen campaign called "Unchain The Truth". Building on the campaign actions around Dhondup's birthday the team have developed a number of actions and resources for Tibet groups to take part in and promote the campaign for Human Rights Day on 10 December.
NEW Website, Action Overview & Resources:
Please visit and promote the NEW website at http://unchain-the-truth.com. A number of key actions can be found on the site including:

A Thousand Origami Cranes: "Unchain The Truth" Activities for Human Rights Day: Based on an ancient Japanese legend that promises anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish, Dhondup's family and friends are inviting Tibet Groups and their supporters to make, and collect, handmade birds and messages for display on Human Rights Day. The idea is that individuals make "birds" which will then be displayed around the world to signify the wish that Dhondup will be released safely. For more information please see http://unchain-the-truth.com/2013/10/unchain-the-truth-take-action-on-10... and 3 below for further materials developed by Tibet Network.

Petition: Targeting the Prison Director, who is in charge of Dhondup Wangchen's safety and health, this petition can be signed and shared via http://unchain-the-truth.com/causes/take-action-for-dhondups-safe-return/